X’TigePR co-founder, Patricia E. Oppenheimer, brings 25 years of experience in branding and image development to your fingertips. She was one of the first to understand and push forward the idea of a lifestyle approach as early as 2000 with the vision to combine fashion and art.

In previous years she consulted various governments with a lifestyle approach in order to establish both countries and their brands in the United States. The aim is to drive traffic and elevate the way your brand is perceived in the public eye. This also means to bring different sectors together, generate capacities and eventually create synergies.

X’TigePR relies on a global network covering the US, South America, Europe and Asia which is also reflected in the array of clients we represent from all over the world. It has proven fruitful to bring together the areas of fashion, art as well as food and travel in order to create a lifestyle concept that creates a sustainable impact.