X’TigePR is specialized in Beauty & Fashion PR with a focus on emerging and up-and-coming designers especially from Europe. We represent both fashion as well as accessories collections all high end with an edge and uniqueness to them.

Over the years we have launched various brands and we know that today’s fashion and beauty market has become more competitive than ever before. With fashion labels and beauty products emerging on an almost daily basis, it is important to create a strategized approach instead of just reaching out to masses. Rather we believe in seeking a niche for our brands which gives you the possibility to establish long-term customer loyalty and drive return of investment. Over the years we have created a portfolio of editors, stylists and buyers ensuring that your brand is heard by the key influencers that are important for you and your brand.

Let’s put it this way- we know the Who is Who in fashion and beauty. Building up brands from the peak is what we do best, but whether your are a start-up or an established name, we will tailor your strategy accordingly.